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We simplify IT to free up your teams so they can focus on key projects.

On premise and public multicloud experts

Cloud services

What to put in which cloud and why, and doing it in record time, that’s Present’s expertise.  With more than 100 cloud projects executed, in hyperconverged, Azure and AWS, we have developed a strong expertise to build the best hybrid cloud that takes into account all the advantages of both. A successful cloud strategy will make your business more efficient, agile and secure at the lowest cost.


The strength of Present is building infrastructures using best practices, while taking into account what’s in place, as well as present and future needs. From traditional to hyperconverged solutions, we design the best solution to meet the growth of your data, ensure business continuity, agility and efficiency, while preserving security and maximizing cost reduction.

Providing the IT resources you need

Managed Services

We free you from the time and worries of daily IT management so that you can focus on what will make a difference for the business. Therefore, the prominent value achieved is the advancement of key projects that improve the performance of your organisation. We can manage your on-premise and cloud infrastructure and user support, partially or fully, independently or jointly with your IT team.


Providing the key resources that will make the difference in the success of projects and the department is our recruitment mission. Whether you’re an employer looking for highly skilled IT professionals for either permanent or contractual positions or an IT professional looking for your next career move or mandate, our goal is to match expertise and talent to our client’s unique needs, industry and culture.

Who are we

What makes us jump out of bed every morning is to help our clients’ succeed!

Our mission

Our mission is to be a real partner that you can count on. To be a key contributor to the success of the projects, the business and the careers of those who choose to work with us.

Our values

What guides us is to be Organized, Efficient, Fast, Experts, Professional, Generous and Human, all with a World Class Service.

Our team

The difference and the biggest value of Present is the Team! Passionate experts all working in the same direction, focused on results and constant improvement.


Want to simplify your IT and improve its impact on the business?


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